Katie Mack is a New York trained, well-versed actress whose passion for art and style has fueled her dreams since the tender age of seven. As a connoisseur of dreams, Mack has been known to push the masses towards inspiration and originality. Her exotic ambiguity often makes people ask “what” she is, in terms of her ethnicity, but once one sees her work, be it on stage, screen or paper…there is no doubt about WHO she is – an artist! 

Mack was born and raised in Queens, NY. Her first role in the stage play, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, instilled an innate need to perform in her that she would suppress until her freshman year in college. She began earning her stripes in entertainment as a background artist in Hype Williams’ first silver screen directorial endeavor, Belly.  With the dream reignited, Mack moved on to be featured on Chapelle’s Show and in the blockbuster hit American Gangster, as well as a supporting role in the independent feature Chocolate Thunder. She's since completed the two-year Meisner conservatory program at The William Esper Studio, and has also studied at Matthew Corozine and HB Studios, with emphasis on the incredible Meisner technique. She’s ready for and actively pursuing lead roles and is creating them in droves. When it comes to performing Mack says "It's the only time I am truly free.”

In a time that dictates creative brand strategy as a business must-have, Mack is responsible for the KMackBrand, which is a comprehensive look at everything that is Katie Mack. KMackBrand can be defined in four simple words, “Be Inspired. Be You.” and is an artistic derivation of four major components - directing, acting, writing, and filmmaking.  Under her KMackBrand umbrella, she premiered her first short, MAC at the NYC International Film Festival in New York City in 2013.  Most recently she directed and produced as well as starred in A Night of Intimate Theatre, which was an intimate performance of a pivotal scene from theatrical classic The Crucible, along with a modern day re-telling that Mack penned herself. Mack settles the score of writing and filmmaking with her film website, K.Mack Films; the site is home to a series of two minute films, short films and a developing film series all written, directed and produced by Mack.  Many she additionally shoots, edits, and stars in as well.

Mack is also the Co-Founder of Boxed Out Productions LLC., a boutique production company where she also writes, directs, produces, and stars in her own work along with her business partner. Collectively the ladies’ work has been celebrated with an Emmy nominated PSA for the Rhode Island International Film Festival (which Mack was the lead in as well), and four consecutive audience choice awards at the Midtown Theatre Festival in 2012-2014, along with a full length play, LoveQuestionmark - Mack co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in the play - which was in the Venus Adonis Theater Festival in 2014.  The ladies have begun to This festival season the ladies will begin to submit their first completed long-short narrative film, Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium. 

Add to all of this that Mack is also a published author, an accomplished and heavily followed blogger and social media presence and recently launched a new podcast titled The Lady Kickback, where she brings you #ArtLifeLaughs with co-hosts and fellow creatives, Photographer TamekaB, and Mixed Media Artist Verna Fogg. Round all of this up and you have the epitome of multi-talented and driven.

Katie Mack continues to focus on strengthening her gifts as a performer and filmmaker by writing material that people can relate to and connect with emotionally, and by inspiring others to be relentless about obtaining their dreams.  She continues to seek and create roles that push her to the edge, she writes them when she doesn’t find them, and is dedicated to her growth in the areas of Cinematography and Film Editing. She credits herself with being a conscious, trained, intentional student of the arts. She looks forward to inspiring the masses and showing them that through dedication, determination, discipline and a little #blackgirlmagic, anything is possible.